4 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

No one wants to hear that they have High Cholesterol. It can be discouraging when your doctor tells you that you need to make overnight changes to your diet. The doctor will give  you and the other 100 million Americans with high cholesterol a deadline of 3 months to lower it naturally. If you don’t, then you must face the consideration of medication. Before taking medication try these four ways to lower your high Cholesterol.

1. Improve your HDL Cholesterol by Quitting Smoking



If you’re smoking, stop. Throw away the pack or ask a close family member to hide it from you. You can also go to your doctor and ask them to help you quit smoking.

Quitting smoking can improve your ‘good’ HDL Cholesterol levels almost immediately. Within the first 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and heart rate will decrease. After a year of being smoke-free, your risk of heart disease is cut in half compared to a regular smoker. Within 15 years, your risk of heart disease is similar to someone who never smoked.

The American Heart Journal looked at the relationship between smoking and cholesterol levels. They found that levels of HDL Cholesterol -the good Cholesterol, were higher in people who had successfully quit smoking. Where as HDL Cholesterol was low for people who were still addicted to cigarettes. Decreases in your Cholesterol will also depended on other factors. These factors include: diet, genetics, exercise, and if you have diabetes.

2. How Exercise Helps Diabetes


Increasing your physical activities can help raise HDL Cholesterol – the good Cholesterol.  Set yourself a goal of exercising for 30 minutes a day. These 30 minutes can even be in 10- minute intervals several times a day. By being consistent and giving yourself a daily workout routine you will begin to lose weight and gain more good HDL Cholesterol.

Consider adding one of the following exercises to your daily routine:

•    Taking a brisk daily walk during your lunch hour

•    Swimming laps at your local pool

•    Joining a local sports team

•    Riding your bike to work

•    Going for a walk or jog after dinner

To help stay motivated ask a friend to join your daily exercises. You can also download a fitness app, like Kudolife to track your progress. Kudolife will show you where you can improve and how you’re improving your body over a long period.

3. Low-fat Low Cholesterol diet



A diet that is low in saturated fat can do more than help you lose weight. It also manages your diabetes and Cholesterol levels. By maintaining a healthy weight you will reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Low-fat foods include:

•    Oats

•    Whole grain bread and pasta

•    Brown rice

•    Dried beans

•    Vegetables

•    Fruit

•    Nuts

•    Fish

•    Lean white meat

•    Eggs

•    Low-fat yogurt

•    Cottage or curd cheese

•    Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

4. Fiber and Diabetes


You have probably heard it more than a dozen times- but we are going to say it again. Eat more fiber. Dietary fiber is great for lowering cholesterol. Fiber makes you feel full and gives you long lasting energy by lowering your LDL cholesterol levels. Lowering your LDL cholesterol will diminishes your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A high-fiber diet has many benefits, including:

•    Normalizing Bowel Movements

•    Maintaining Bowel Health

•    Lower Cholesterol Levels

•    Control Blood Sugar Levels

•    Achieve a Healthy Weight

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