8 Great Low-Carb Substitutes for your Favorite High-Carb Foods

Following a low-carb high-fat diet like Atkins or Keto can do wonders for your health, but enjoying an abundant variety of foods while keeping your carbs under 50 grams a day is easier said than done. Carbs are everywhere and you can exceed your daily carb limit even if you avoid refined sugar and grains.

low-carb substitutes

8 Great Low-Carb Substitutes for your Favorite High-Carb Foods

It’s still possible to enjoy a wide variety of foods while still maintaining a low-carb lifestyle. These low-carb substitutes will help you ditch carb-laden breads and pastas without ending up with cravings and cheat meals.

1.If you love white rice, try cauliflower rice.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t live without rice. It’s a versatile food that’s unfortunately high in calories and carbs. Cauliflower rice is nothing but shredded, cooked cauliflower that can be used as a low-calorie, low-carb substitute for rice. It can be a little bland, but adding veggies, spices or butter makes it more appealing. Eat it as a side with lean protein and you have a have an entire meal for less than 5 grams of carbs!

2. If you love pasta, try zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.

Pasta is high is both calories and carbs. Lucky for us, you can replace spaghetti in any dish with zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. Invest in a spiralizer for your kitchen and make your own noodles with different veggies. Use these noodles as the base of your dish instead of pasta for a lighter, healthier version.

3. If you love ramen, try shirataki noodles.

Shirataki noodles mare made from Japanese konjac root, also known as “elephant yam.” These noodles are a miracle food for dieters. They are gluten-free, contain zero calories and zero net carbs. They have a neutral taste, making them perfect to drown in any low-carb sauces, curries or broths.

4. If you love sugar, try Stevia.

Stevia is a natural sweetener made from the Stevia plant. Stevia contains zero calories, zero carbs, has no effect on blood sugar and no unpleasant aftertaste unlike artificial sweeteners. It’s one of the only sugar substitutes perfectly suited to keto and low-carb diets. Check out the many Stevia-based low-calorie dessert recipes online.

5. If you love flour, try almond flour or flaxseed meal.

Flour—even whole-wheat flour—is very high in carbohydrates. Use almond flour or flaxseed meal instead of wheat or rice flour. Nut and seed flour is healthy, low in carbs and rich in vitamins and minerals. Make sure you use the right ratio while replacing flour in recipes to achieve the right consistency.

low-carb substitutes

6. If you love mashed potatoes, try mashed cauliflower.

Cauliflower is a healthy vegetable and contains fewer carbs than starchy white potatoes. To prepare mashed cauliflower, boil cauliflower florets and puree them. Add butter and milk to reach desired consistency and season with salt and pepper. It’s a lighter side dish than the original—one cup of cauliflower mash contains 155 calories and 5 grams of carbs.

7. If you love lasagna, try zucchini lasagna sheets.

Slice four to five medium-size zucchinis lengthwise. Season with Italian seasoning and place them on a single layer of parchment paper and bake for 20 minutes until they’re firm. Proceed to make lasagna as you normally would, replacing lasagna sheets with the baked zucchini.

8. If you love pizza, try a Portobello mushroom pizza crust.

Remove the gills out of the inside of a Portobello mushroom and bake on a sheet of parchment paper for 5 to 10 minutes until it dries out a bit. Top the mushrooms with tomato sauce, cheese and ham and broil until the cheese melts.

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