Author: Alice Han

Being a result-driven doer, Alice strives to utilize her skill set to deliver quality digital content. She possesses broad experience from social media management to content marketing in the non-profit sector, as well as corporate. In her spare time, she likes to keep up to date with the newest digital marketing practices.
exercise and eat right

21 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right That Are Not Focused on Weight Loss

You’ve heard and read time and time again: Exercise helps you lose weight. Lose of weight equals having more suitors, having skinnier bodies, and most importantly, elevated self-esteem. But are those really important motivators to live a healthier lifestyle? Should you eat right and exercise solely for superficial reasons? Medical researchers have all agreed that …

clean eating

What is Clean Eating?

Weight management has been one of the top grossing industries in developed countries for many years. But with the amount of resources and knowledge we have about weight loss, many have tried to no avail: According to the Canadian Obesity Network, one in four adult Canadians and one in ten children have clinical obesity. Not …