Author: Samantha Merz

Samantha lives in Vancouver, BC. Samantha is an avid volunteer in the community, enjoys singing and playing badminton.
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How ‘Pokémon GO’ Can Help Develop Healthy Exercise Habits

Pokémon GO is the latest game app trending on social media. Millions of daily active players are reaping the rewards. It is a free app for iPhone and Android users. The app evokes nostalgia for many players and it has many health benefits. Some healthy exercise habits include walking and running more, social interaction and …

healthy low carb alternatives

19 Healthy Low-Carb Alternatives That Don’t Suck

Carbohydrates are found in all sorts of foods. It is important to distinguish between good and bad sources of carbohydrates. Stick with healthy carbohydrate choices like whole wheat bread instead of refined white bread. Great taste is important because you will more likely enjoy various low-carb choices. Here are 19 healthy low-carb alternatives that don’t …

how much sugar is too much sugar

How Much Sugar is Too Much Sugar?

Sugar has been described as “white death” and “the new smoking” in many recent publications. One striking statistic is that the average American consumes approximately 22 teaspoons of added sugar on a daily basis, which is the equivalent of 35 two-pound boxes per year. The negative effects of sugar include frequent cravings for sweets, feeling …

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21 Healthy Habits Every Woman Should Have

Busy schedules can affect making the right snack decisions while on the go. Implement some healthy habits like proper meal planning by choosing better foods for a stronger body and mind. Here are 21 healthy habits that every woman should have for a balanced lifestyle. Our List of 21 Healthy Habits Drink More Water Having …