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low-carb substitutes

8 Great Low-Carb Substitutes for your Favorite High-Carb Foods

Following a low-carb high-fat diet like Atkins or Keto can do wonders for your health, but enjoying an abundant variety of foods while keeping your carbs under 50 grams a day is easier said than done. Carbs are everywhere and you can exceed your daily carb limit even if you avoid refined sugar and grains. …

quit sugar

6 Foolproof Tips That Will Help You Quit Your Sugar Addiction for Good

It’s common knowledge that sugar does nothing but harm your health. Unfortunately, it’s also a common addiction and one that really hard to break. Research shows a sugar addiction works similarly to an addiction to cocaine and other illicit drugs. Sugar creates an addictive cycle of hunger, tiredness and irritability. When you consume sugar it …