The Health Benefits of Thai Yoga

Learn About The Health Benefits of Thai Yoga

Join us at the Wellness Room Event with Coco Finaldi! Learn unique Thai yoga poses that will hijack your health and mobility.

Thai Yoga

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga massage is an ancient art and practice that is based on the Indian systems of Yoga & Ayurveda. Its potency and uniqueness make it a revered massage modality and spiritual practice.

Thai Yoga Massage works on the physical body and relieves aches, pains and tension. It applies rhythmic compression to energy lines and acupressure points with deep stretching. It believes that our body functions are rooted to our energetic systems. Thai Yoga balances and help link our body to our energetic systems.

Thai Yoga massages are oil-free massages performed on a mat on the floor. The practitioner guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures and stretches, palming and thumbing along the body’s “sen” (energy lines) and pressure points. This relieves muscular tension, increases circulation and balances the body by unblocking and dispersing energy. It leaves one with the openness feeling of a yoga practice combined with the total surrender and relaxation of a massage.

About Coco Finaldi

Coco Finaldi is a movement and wellness practitioner certified in Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Personal Training. She teaches and works with clients in a group or one-on-one setting in the greater Vancouver area. Coco is part of the Yoga teacher college faculty and is a health and lifestyle leader in her community. Additionally, Coco has a Thai Yoga Massage practice.

“Feel. Practice. Live. Breathe. Move.” are the five principles that mark and guide her work as she hopes to help people reach their goals and experience form, function, development, ease and freedom in their mind and body.

Love healthy venues? Then come join us at the Wellness Room every Thursday at 10:30 am to mingle and meet with Vancouver’s leading health and fitness experts.


The Wellness Room is Vancouver’s newest and hottest venue for health junkies, wellness warriors, YVR moms and anyone else looking to learn how to optimize their health.

Every Thursday we introduce you to a new speaker that will share their experience with health and give you the coolest information on how to acheive your best health!

Join us at one (or all!) of our upcoming free events and be apart of Vancouver’s health community. The healthiest drinks and food you can find will also be served at each event.

The Wellness Room Events For The Month Of August.

August 11 at 10:30 AM

Top Tricks to Create a High Energy Morning and Make it Last!
with Yoga Master and Yoga Rush Founder, Deidre Siranni

August 18 at 10:30 AM

The Health Benefits of Thai Yoga
with Movement & Wellness Practitioner & Yoga Master, Coco Finaldi

August 25 at 10:30 AM

Fighting Cancer 4 Times & Raising A Family
With YVR Mommy Blogger, Melissa Keen

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