Jasmine LiuJasmine Liu

Clinical Natural Nutritionist

Growing up in a wellness conscious family, Jasmine always has a drive for body, mind, and soul knowledge with a passion for natural health, beauty, and fitness.
As a young child, Jasmine was always curious about food. She learned early on, that what she ate affected how she felt. This natural curiosity continued as she personally learned about and explored different ways of eating. She became increasingly interested in the notion that food is medicine.

After graduating from the University of Victoria with an Bachelor degree in Performing Art, Jasmine moved to Vancouver and obtained her Executive Hotel Management Diploma with Honours from the Imperial Hotel Management College out of her passion for working with people. Everyday on her way to work, she walked by the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the calling to work with people on a deeper level was impossible to ignore. In 2014, she was ecstatic to finish her Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition with First-Class Honours and to start her holistic work.

Her areas of particular interest and specialty are women’s health, hormonal health, skin health, digestive health, cholesterol management, blood sugar management, food allergies/ intolerances, weight management and mood balancing.

Jasmine is known for her gentle, compassionate approach towards her clients. Her fresh perspective and abilities to effectively listen as she coaches clients, results in huge health and wellness transformations. She works with each individual’s symptoms, goals, health issues, and medical history to prepare a personalized nutritional protocol. Through simple and straight forward education & coaching, she inspires others to create optimal health and well being in their lives.

Jasmine now fills her days enjoying working at Angel Hands Integrative Centre as a clinical natural nutritionist. In her free time, you will most likely find her doing illustrations, holistic self- care, whipping up greenlicious concoctions in her kitchen, and staying active in the woods.