Study: Despite Higher Obesity Rates, Fewer Adults Attempting Weight Loss

According to a new study published in JAMA, despite a substantial rise in obesity since the late 1980s, the percentage of people in the United States who are trying to shed weight has dropped.

Researchers from Georgia Southern University believe a social acceptance of higher body weight could be to blame for this occurrence.

“Socially acceptable body weight is increasing,” the research letter on The JAMA Network states. “If more individuals who are overweight or obese are satisfied with their weight, fewer might be motivated to lose unhealthy weight.”

“The chronicity of obesity may also contribute,” they add. “The longer adults live with obesity, the less they may be willing to attempt weight loss, in particular if they had attempted weight loss multiple times without success.”

Read full study here.

Rumana Dsouza

Rumana D’Souza is the social media and content coordinator for Prizm Media and Kudolife. She has found her life’s calling in writing about health and wellness, and believes she can make the world a touch healthier – one blog post at a time.

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