21 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right That Are Not Focused on Weight Loss

exercise and eat right

You’ve heard and read time and time again: Exercise helps you lose weight. Lose of weight equals having more suitors, having skinnier bodies, and most importantly, elevated self-esteem. But are those really important motivators to live a healthier lifestyle? Should you eat right and exercise solely for superficial reasons? Medical researchers have all agreed that the numbers on a scale are not a good indicator of overall health. After all, it’s the overall health that prolongs life longevity and sustains long-term happiness.

21 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right and Not Worry about Weight Loss


Cardiovascular exercises have been proven to not only burn calories but to also to relax the body. When exercising, the brain is occupied and keeps cortisol – the stress hormone, in check. Once the cortisol is kept under control, serotonin and dopamine levels increase, elevating your mood overall. Top that off with a hot bubble bath for a good night sleeps that follows.

Memory Loss

Exercise gets your blood pumping and flowing throughout, all the way to your brain for a healthy blood supply. And that aids with chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalances associated with memory loss. Research has shown that physically active individuals are more likely to recall information compared to sedentary individuals.


Finding yourself grab extra coffees or energy drinks for that quick boost at work? You need a long term solution! It may sounds like a lot of hard work but working out in the long term can make you less tired. So work up the stamina at the gym and notice your productivity grow.

Lower Back Pain

It’s already a nuisance that us ladies get lower back pains during that time of the month, in addition to cramps. Studies have shown that the right kind of strength training can permanently reduce lower back pains, as well as flexibility activities, such as hot yoga. Exercise is one of the simplest ways to strengthen your body to avoid future injuries.

Prevention of Heart Disease

Because your heart is a muscle, getting it pumping and moving is the best way to prevent future heart diseases. Since heart disease is one of the leading illnesses in North America, exercise is worth the investment.

Smooth, Flawless Skin

Ever wonder why your physically active female friend doesn’t need much foundation to have “that glow?” She definitely exercises regularly to release the dirt from her pores and reduces her blood flow too as a result. Have a facial wash handy for post-workouts to wash away the sweat.

Improved Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that exercise will improve your overall sleep quality: You’ll be able to sleep longer, deeper, and wake up happier. No more snooze buttons in the mornings!

Creativity Boost

Enhanced creativity comes from kinetic movements of the body. Try taking a quick stroll around the block whenever the next time you have a brainstorming session with the team.

Resist Temptation

How would exercise help you resist temptations you ask? Well, the fact that you’ve persevered through workouts at least three times a week means that you have willpower! Imagine the great things you can achieve when that kind of willpower is transferred to other areas of your life.

Life Longevity

The secret to living longer is, in fact, simply adding 150 minutes of exercise a week, according to research. People who exercise live longer period.

Gain Respect for your body

Your body is your temple and a weak body weakens the mind. Instead of comparing yourself to other women in the magazines or skipping out on your gym sessions, lacing up and working out both strength your body, but also make you gain gratitude of how amazing the vehicle can move.

Reasons to Eat Right

Feel happier

Chips and brownies = getting the guilties vs. fresh fruit and vegetables = feeling good about yourself. A study in New Zealand found that adults who ate more fruits and vegetables feel calmer, happier and more energetic compared to their non-fruit eating counterparts. Junk food may satisfy your taste buds but you know your body and mind hate you later on.

Fertility Boost

Infertility rate is going up in North America and scientists think it has a lot to do with our diet – having more healthy foods in your diet can increase your chances of conceiving.

For the Future Generation

It is shown that children who are given DHA or ate plenty of fish experience cognitive improvements. Also, mothers who consume a diet rich of omega 3 fatty acids, conceive children with higher IQs than moms who avoid seafood altogether.

Boost Up Your Body

Equipped with nutritional supplements, you are more likely to perform optimally during workouts. Good quality proteins like lean meats, lentils, and fish, help you repair broken muscles and support the recovery process. Carbohydrates provide energy so you can get on with your day.

Bone Protection

Eating a diet full of Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and Omega 3’s help you prevent osteoporosis and similar bone diseases later in life. Osteoporosis usually show up in adults in the early 40’s so getting a head start would be ideal.

Resist Food Cravings

Ever heard of the big breakfast diet? Doctors have recommended that the meal that contains the most calories should be breakfast and here is why: researchers found that starting the day with protein help reduce junk food cravings later in the day. Eating a big breakfast not only prevents one from overeating later on, but also elevate the dopamine level in the brain, making you feel more joyful.

Be a Faster Runner

Kale and beets are all the rage these days and one study has shown that runners who incorporate beets in their diet experience a significant increase in endurance and speed. Whole beet salads, anyone?

Bigger Wallet

What do all the processed foods and Chipotle have in common? They are both expensive! More expensive than whole and raw foods, in fact. Say that all that fresh produce and lean meat adds to about $1.5 a day to food costs, they are still cheaper than the processed apple fritters and beef burrito. Not only will you have a fatter wallet in the end, but also a healthier body no doubt.

Stronger Immune System

Ever notice why you are constantly sick when eating out too often? Eat outs are fat ladened, deprived of nutrients, and full of empty calories. Having more fresh produce and eating clean can arm up your immune system. Foods like garlic can dramatically reduce your chances of being sick during flu seasons.

Cure IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Ditch the debilitating pain in your stomach, constipation and gas, start eating more foods with probiotics, such as, kefir, kombucha, and Korean kimchi, to reduce the number of bacteria in your gut.

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