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The Dawn of Activity and Calorie Tracker Apps

There are apps for every part of your life. There are apps to help you get more organized, to track your sleeping, to help save money, to train your dog, to put your kids to sleep, to teach you French, German, Chinese, to tell you what to eat or where to dine, and apps that even do your laundry. There is literally an app for everything and no shortage in our demand for technology to fit our every need.  But what role do apps play in the future of your healthcare?

The Age of Health Apps

Is the future of the connected healthcare system built around you or the industry? Mobile health or mHealth technology is relatively new to the world of healthcare. But in the short time it has been here there has been a great deal of excitement around how it is changing your health. Your health is one of your biggest assets in life, but the healthcare industry is built around itself not you. This is all changing as we are now living in the age of apps.

Before apps the healthcare industry was completely separated from the advances technology was making. While you were buying the new IPhone, doctors were still using pagers. Even today many doctors are using the pager to communicate. Yes medical treatment has made astonishing advances over the years. But the packaging and delivery of that treatment is often inefficient, ineffective, and is consumer unfriendly. Such problems beg for innovative solutions involving every aspect of health care. Apps are helping to solve this problem with new innovative platforms.

The digital world has made tremendous advancements on how we communicate, receive news, and interact with each other. And now it is expanding to help improve the communication in the healthcare industry. Fitness apps play a huge role in this change. They are the first step towards patients managing their long term health.

As a patient, you are using technology for almost every aspect of your life. You are becoming keen information seekers, mastering complex searches on Google, and learning to use smartphones like your grandfather used a Swiss army knife. You have mastered Angry Birds and have a regularly updated blog. Now you are using mobile devices to help manage your life and this includes your health. Health and fitness apps allow you to view your health within a narrative context. They create a personal story for your health that is easy to view and track. You now have much more insight than your doctor. As a consumer you are a living multi-channel and multi-platform life and need a fitness app to reflect that.

Does Using an Activity and Calorie Tracker App Make you Healthier?

73% percent of the population according to Mobiquity said that they feel healthy because they use smartphone apps to track their health and fitness. Are you a part of that percentage? Fitness apps will give you valuable data that benefits your long term health. You’ll no longer only be concerned when you are faced with symptoms of illness and be able to avoid dreaded and lengthy hospital stays.

By using fitness apps and taking care of your health, you will become a health advocate. This will give you the opportunity to live a longer life with your family. Plus, your next doctor’s visit will be to support your new lifestyle, rather than receive a new prescription.

The benefits of fitness apps are limitless. Healthcare industry professionals are waking up to the value apps hold and how they can improve the health of their patients. 86% of health care professionals believe that apps will encourage patients to take responsibility for their health. 76% of health professionals believe health apps will help their patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Doctors can use the data from fitness apps to help those who are at risk of pre-diabetes and other illnesses. This means that you won’t be seeking the doctor to diagnose your symptoms. Instead, you’ll be going to the doctor to further maintain your health. The app will help you track your health so that you can make changes that could potentially prevent future disease.

Fitness apps give you the freedom to track diabetes from the comfort of your home. This greatly reduces the need for readmission. With the data collected you will be able to improve the outcome of your health by making informed decisions.  The most appealing part of fitness apps is its patient-centric approach to healthcare. This puts some of the powers of a doctor into your hands. By using Fitness apps like Kudolife you are helping to pave the way towards a personalized healthcare system.

There are 3 main areas in your health that you will be able to improve with fitness apps like Kudolife.

Calorie Counter, Diet, and Exercise

Managing your weight isn’t easy, especially if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Studies have confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activities you do. The more you track your food intake, the more likely you are to become a healthier weight.  This is why successful weight management programs suggest that you keep a food diary.  But recording everything on paper can be tedious and a lot of work. Fitness apps give you the right tools to simplify your tracking. They break down your food automatically to tell you how many calories, carbs, and fat you had that day, week, or even year. Kudolife focuses on making sure you can log your meals as quickly and easily as possible. Why? Because, the easier it is for you, the more likely you’ll stay on track and succeed at reaching your goals.

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The Kudolife app has information on over 2.5 million foods so that you can track your food from anywhere. Kudolife makes understanding your calorie needs easily and ensures you stay in the personal calorie targets you have set. By using the calorie counter, you will be able to get more information on what’s in the food you eat. This information will help you make adjustments to your diet to help you better manage your weight.

Activity and Fitness Tracking

When maintaining a healthy lifestyle you want to make sure that you keep yourself in motion. This is of course easier said than done, especially if you have an office job. Your lifestyle won’t always give you time to go to the gym and learn how to use the machines. Fitness apps, like Kudolife are the best to help get you moving and can technically transform your health. They are your free gym membership that encourages you to meet your fitness goals.

Kudolife will chart your every movement. It will track when you are going up stairs, walking, and running. (insert stats or metrics) It will record your pace, distance, total exercise time, and calories burned. Then it will place all that data into a readable graph that you can use to further track your activity level. Keeping track of your exercise is what you might need for motivation.  The benefits of fitness apps are:

  • Ability to set goals
  • Keep track of your activity and gradually increase your time and endurance
  • See your progress and make changes to your lifestyle
  • Track your movement from anywhere

The only downside to using Kudolife is extreme use, which can lead to stiff thumbs and strained eyes. So your thumbs might hate you but your overall and long term health will love you. But not to worry, you can also dictate your meals into the app in case your thumbs need some rest.

Improving your nutrition

The advancements in the digital health industry have made it easier to track your nutrition. (insert stats)  Now you can download an app to do the tedious work for you. Here are the main benefits to using fitness apps like Kudolife to track your nutrition.

  • You can lose more weight by tracking what you eat
  • The apps will show you your progress and tell you if it`s your diet making you sluggish and cranky
  • You can see if you are or aren’t eating a balanced diet.
  • You can lower your cholesterol and glucose`
  • You will understand your body more

By tracking your nutrition you will be able to see how it affects your other healthcare analytics with your doctor. Such as your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels.

You as a patient have a lot to gain by getting access to your health information. It is your health, so it is time you took control and gather all the information about it. Tracking your nutrition, fitness, and diet will help you get the information you need to live a healthier life. Start trying fitness apps today to help take control of your health journey.

Kudolife is a free activity and calorie tracker that helps you achieve a balance and healthy life.

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